Michael Steinberg

For eleven years I had the pleasure and privilege of serving the Rochester legal community as the law clerk to Justice Andrew V. Siracuse.

Now it's my turn to join that community.

I would be happy to write and/or argue your appeals and motions in civil cases, and I am available as well for briefs and research papers. In addition, I am available to consult on complex issues and strategies.

I will strive to bring to your work whatever promptness, thoughtfulness and eloquence that I was able to give Justice Siracuse.

Would you

585-295-8544 (voice), 585-298-9323 (fax), michael@wnyappeals.com

Justice Siracuse is now an attorney with Chamberlain D'Amanda Oppenheimer and Greenfield, but his Supreme Court web site is still online. The photograph is by Loret Gnivecki Steinberg, reproduced with her permission.